Oliver Mayoral, DMD

Modern Approach to Dentistry

Dr. Oliver MayoralDr. Oliver Mayoral is a fervent believer in high standards. “Patients deserve to have the best treatments available…I’m passionate about delivering the most advanced levels of care.” Dr. Mayoral represents a new class of dentist that has integrated the most innovative techniques to deliver outstanding results for his patients.

His relaxed, warm chairside manner combined with his advanced skills has earned him the respect of colleagues and loyalty of patients. Dr. Mayoral is also a leader in innovation, and an early adopter of ground breaking technology such as the integration of a iTero 3D intraoral scanner into his treatment methodology. His attention to new developments that can improve the comfort and outcomes of patients has positioned him as a leader in the local dental community.

“I closely follow the changes in the industry because advances can improve care, lessen discomfort and increase the predictability of procedures. I adopt new techniques and materials because they will improve the oral health of my patients.”

The health of your smile encompasses both the aesthetics and function. It is a marriage of artistry and advanced care that requires the deft skills of a passionate practitioner. Dr. Mayoral offers that unique blend and commitment to his patients.

“I love the continuous challenge of finding the right solution for each patient. My patient’s smiles are a testimony to not only their happiness but the love I have for my work.”

Get to know Dr. Oliver Mayoral:

  • Operating room style: Comfortable
  • Why did you become a dentist? To help people
  • Favorite part of your job: To make people happy
  • Best advice you’ve ever received: Happy wife means a happy home
  • Alternative occupation: Chef
  • Hobbies: Marathons, cooking and poker
  • I start each day by: By giving my daughters and son a kiss.
  • Framed photos on your desk: My wife and kids
  • What fascinates you most about the human body? The complexity of eyes
  • Right now I’m reading: The Passion Centered Person
  • What one lifestyle change could most benefit your health? Eat healthy
  • Favorite quote: Work hard, play hard
  • Pro bono work: Lotus House and Camillus House